About us

WhiteHouse Lifespa is Co- Founded and Directed by Helen Taylor and Anne-Marie Topel.
Anne-Marie is a Graduate of Physical Education and Human Movement and Physiotherapy. She currently works as a Sport and Neurology Physiotherapist, and is an accredited Pilates Instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute.
Helen Taylor is an NLP Master Practitioner, Senior Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Business and Personal Performance Coach and Practitioner of The Fertile Body Method.
With many years experience of Private Practice in their Individual Disciplines the Directors have combined their skill sets to create a mind, body, fusion, approach to physical and mental wellbeing and personal development.

Helen Taylor

Helen is unique in her approach to Clients and as such has a growing reputation by personal recommendation. Helen works with Clients from many and diverse backgrounds and locations, nationally and internationally, achieving powerful and effective results. Helens' expertise involves treating many conditions associated with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of confidence and phobias, together with treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders. Helen Specialises in fertility issues and is a Fertile Body Method Practitioner. An NLP Master Practitioner, Business and Personal Performance Coach, Helen extends her treatments into the work place, providing stress assessment and management for individuals, facilitation of change management, and lunch time relaxation sessions!

"My approach is respectful of clients individuality and personal life experience coupled with the highest level of Professional Integrity. I believe in adapting and uniquely implementing an approach that provides the most effective treatment for change and development within each individual".

Anne-Marie Topel

Anne-Marie has over thirty years experience in the field of physical performance, physical potential and rehabilitation. A keen and active participant in sport, she initially graduated in Physical Education and Human Movement and followed a successful career in teaching, training, and coaching, before balancing her sport and growing medical interests in pursuing a career in Physiotherapy. This led to a specialism in Neurology within the NHS assuming the role of first line Clinician as part of an award winning rapid response to stroke team, working closely with Consultants, GPs and a multi disciplinary team. In the role of clinical educator she also delivered training to health care workers and students of Keele University and nursing students of the North Staffordshire University and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Anne-Marie is now running her own successful practice and integrates her wide and varied experience and expertise to compliment the mind/body fusion approach at WhiteHouse LifeSpa.

"My passion is to encourage and assist people in finding a healthy balance in their lives, enjoying physical and mental wellbeing and furthering their physical abilities whatever their starting point, so that achieving the unexpected is the norm! I never cease to be inspired and encouraged by the human potential."

Course providers

The course providers at White House have strength and depth of experience in their chosen fields. They are not only passionate about sharing their expertise and interests with others, but also choose to integrate their skills with the truly beautiful and peaceful oasis that is White House.

Lin Arthan

"My name is Lin Arthan, a Shropshire lass, who has a love of life and the outdoors! I have been a PE teacher for 34 years and currently work as a fitness instructor in Ellesmere. I gave up work to spend more time doing the things I wanted to do, like train for my sport of triathlon, competing for GB in my age group, which is always such an honour and thrill. My challenge for this year is to cycle The Coast to Coast route on a mountain bike over the mountains of Cumbria and Yorkshire!
I strongly believe that being active and feeling fit is so good for the body, mind and soul and there is so much we can learn about ourselves by setting simple challenges, especially if you can share this experience with friends and like-minded folk!"

Jan Phillips

"I come from a nursing background and have taught fitness classes in Shrewsbury for more than 30 years and still really enjoy the concept of ‘Group Exercise’. The benefits of attending classes include improved fitness, posture, balance, strength, mobility and flexibility with an added bonus of a sense of general wellbeing. The social element of group exercise allows you to attend classes in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Physical yoga teaches the basic postures of Iyengar Yoga allowing you to explore your abilities in a non-competitive atmosphere with adaptations and progressions offered where necessary."

Abbie Lathe

Abbie has spent several years teaching the many facets of voice and harmony. "So much more than just singing", her workshops are a truly joyful experience. Always creating a relaxing and fun atmosphere she has an ability to bring out the very best soul healing qualities in our own voices. Her humour and warmth allows us to overcome fears and inhibitions in order to experience deeply, the power of true harmony. "I believe that understanding the fears we have, regarding our voices, allows us to conquer them, enabling us all to sing with freedom and passion. This new found confidence permeates into so many other aspects of life."